5 Benefits of buying a painting


By Photographee.eu

1. Original paintings are aesthetically pleasing

Placing an original painting in a room or area enhances the space in which it is displayed. It is visually pleasing and completes your interior design. It also lifts up the mood of the area its being placed and also the mood of everyone in that area.

2. Source of Inspiration

Paintings can be used as a source of inspiration. It allows you to travel somewhere else, and enables you to access parts of yourself through imaginative links which might be inaccessible.




3. It can be an investment

The value of paintings doesn’t have any correlation with the stock market.  It’s great for diversifying your portfolio.  Also, you might never know when the painting you purchased might gain global recognition and demand, which will increase its value exponentially. Some few years after purchasing the painting, probably like 10 years after, the value of the painting will have doubled or tripled.  However, a painting might be so important to you that you keep it in the family for generations and in turn, it becomes like a family heirloom.

4. Its starts conversations

The perfect painting can capture the eye of anyone who steps foot into the room. This forces them to ask you “Where did you get that nice beautiful painting from?”.  Normally, when people buy paintings, it is because the painting attracted them and instantly caught their heart and attention. So, you could give your own interpretation of the painting and the connection it has to you and why you bought it.



By Gonzalo de Miceu

5. Paintings provide color instantly

Paintings can dictate the color palette of the space where its being displayed.


By Photographee.eu