5 Benefits of buying a painting

5 Benefits of buying a painting


By Photographee.eu

1. Original paintings are aesthetically pleasing

Placing an original painting in a room or area enhances the space in which it is displayed. It is visually pleasing and completes your interior design. It also lifts up the mood of the area its being placed and also the mood of everyone in that area.

2. Source of Inspiration

Paintings can be used as a source of inspiration. It allows you to travel somewhere else, and enables you to access parts of yourself through imaginative links which might be inaccessible.




3. It can be an investment

The value of paintings doesn’t have any correlation with the stock market.  It’s great for diversifying your portfolio.  Also, you might never know when the painting you purchased might gain global recognition and demand, which will increase its value exponentially. Some few years after purchasing the painting, probably like 10 years after, the value of the painting will have doubled or tripled.  However, a painting might be so important to you that you keep it in the family for generations and in turn, it becomes like a family heirloom.

4. Its starts conversations

The perfect painting can capture the eye of anyone who steps foot into the room. This forces them to ask you “Where did you get that nice beautiful painting from?”.  Normally, when people buy paintings, it is because the painting attracted them and instantly caught their heart and attention. So, you could give your own interpretation of the painting and the connection it has to you and why you bought it.



By Gonzalo de Miceu

5. Paintings provide color instantly

Paintings can dictate the color palette of the space where its being displayed.


By Photographee.eu

5 Facts About Famous Artists You Probably Didn’t Know!

5 Facts About Famous Artists You Probably Didn't Know!

African woman standing in the bush
Credit: Chris Dacus

When someone talks about “Art” you’re probably going to think about all sorts of different things, from paintings to photography or architecture, literature and music. That’s totally fine! Art is basically an expression of creative ability and imagination in a visual form. Today Anuwai Arts presents to you-our dear readers, five interesting facts about legendary artists you probably didn’t know!



1. Pablo Picasso could draw before he could even walk.


Ma Jolie by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is hailed as a true legend of his time. As a pioneer in the field of contemporary art , much of his work can be categorized into periods in which he explored a wide variety of styles. Picasso is recognized greatly for the development of cubism, a style of art which aims to depict variable dimensions of an object or a person, using geometric shapes and interlocking planes.


2. Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.


Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

A master of post-impressionism, Vincent Van Gogh lived a short but interesting life. Starry Night (a personal favourite of mine) shows Vincent’s perception of a town through his artistic mind. He uses a subjective approach in painting to evoke emotion rather than implementing techniques found in realism. It is rumoured that he did not begin painting until he was twenty-seven years old.


3.Paul Cezanne was brought up in a wealthy family and would have become a lawyer.


Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne, although greatly talented sought to fulfil his wealthy father’s desires to be a lawyer. He enrolled in law school while simultaneously pursuing his love for art, eventually fleeing to Paris to commit himself to artistic development-much to the displeasure of his father. His works are deemed as the precursor to Cubism.


4. Michelangelo rose to fame after a failed attempt at art fraud.


Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

When Michelangelo was in his formative years as an artist he produced a sculpture which intrigued his patron Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de Medici. Lorenzo offered to resell the sculpture as an antique piece if Michelangelo could make it appear as if it was a recent archaeological discovery. The artwork was sold to Cardinal Raffaele Riario. To make a long story short, the scam was eventually exposed, but the Cardinal was so impressed with the young artist’s skill that he invited him for a meeting in Rome. Michelangelo would eventually rise to fame after lingering in Rome, obtaining various commissions for artworks which would last for centuries.


5. Leonardo Da Vinci was a skilled musician

The Baptism of Christ by Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci excelled at everything he touched. He was a man of great skill with diverse interests in many fields. It should come as no surprise that with his little formal education, almost everything he learned was self-taught-including music. He sang and played the lyre and flute beautifully, often performing at noble gatherings. Leonardo believed that music was directly related to visual arts and indeed, we couldn’t agree more.


Which fact intrigued you the most? Who is you favourite artist among the lot? Let us know!

8 Reasons to buy paintings online.

8 Reasons To Buy Paintings Online- Anuwai Arts


By Gonzalo de Miceu

1. Paintings are brought directly to you

   You don’t need to walk around galleries again. Paintings are brought directly to you.

2. Every painting is original and unique

  Owning an original, unique painting comes with its benefits. You’re the only one who has it in the world, making it exclusive to you. Also, original paintings have depth which fills a room or where ever it is displayed more powerfully.


3. A myriad of styles or genre

You could get art works with various techniques, forms, shapes and styles.


4. Endless choices


By Nataliia Zhekova

 An online market like Anuwai Arts, gives you access to a huge range of paintings in different categories. Be it abstract, collage, cubism, portraiture, and etc. And you can choose from any of these categories from your own home.


5. Something new every time

 Artists are constantly working hard to come up with multiple paintings. This means that there is always a new painting coming onto Anuwai Arts. You could visit the site today and come back the next day to see new paintings.


6. Easy to find a painting of your choice

 You could easily get your desired painting here on Anuwai Arts. It also makes it very convenient for you. You could easily scan through a lot of paintings and select the right one for your room, office, living room, or anywhere you want to put it.


7. Transparent Prices

You have the liberty to look at the prices and find the perfect painting within your budget. You can take as much time in finding something that fits your budget.


8. Anuwai Arts goes the extra mile

You could request to have a painting made specifically for an occasion or a space you want to put it. Through the custom request tab, you could fill the form at the bottom of that page and we could help you get a customized painting tailored to your specifications or desired requirements.

By: Desmond Afedzie