Tour & Tutorial Video


Above is a video showing you how to navigate your way through the dashboard. I highly advice you to watch it thoroughly to see all the cool features available to you which could better your business journey here on Anuwai Arts

Tutorial video Timestamp:
Instruction Tab |  01:07

Posting a painting for sale |  01:53
Editing profile picture and background image |   06:07

Setting up payment details to receive earnings |   09:10

Making a withdrawal request |    09:40

The following are some rules and guidelines which should be followed in order to

  • Make things consistent in terms of design on the website
  • Make your profile and art pieces more attractive
  • To give the customer enough information to guide their decision and thought process


 General Rules:

  • Fullfill all deliveries, if not your account may be terminated
  • When clients request a customized art piece, follow their specifications unless the client has given you the freedom to do a piece to surprise them.
  • Do not share account passwords with anyone
  • Do not share any terms that was stated in the exclusive email you received during the verification process.
  • If you have any questions please view the artist section of the FAQS or email us at
  • If you have any suggestions for Anuwai Arts to help make this platform better, we will love to hear your suggestions so we can make your time hear at Anuwai Arts a unique and seamless business experience. You can contact us at

Rules to posting an art piece:

  • Upload clearly visible and quality images of art works
  • Upload images of art works with a less busy background. Preferably a plain background or the art work hanged in a setting such us on a wall in a hall, office, etc.
  • Upload images of different angles of art work as well. Possible 1 or 2 images.
  • You can also post just a display picture of the art work, but keep in mind, supporting images of different angles or up-close image of the same piece could help clients buy your artworks
  • Strictly follow/ use the following questions to guide you when writing up the descriptions of your art works.
            • The SHORT DESCRIPTION should be in the following format:

              Medium: State the medium used 

              Dimensions (Inch): state the dimensions of the painting in inches

              Support: State what you are making the painting on. This should STRICTLY  be a CANVAS of good quality

              Framing: State whether the painting is framed or not 

              Category: State the category(s) of the painting

              Technique(s): State the technique used (e.g. dripping, palette knife painting, etc)

            • The DESCRIPTION should be in a paragraph form answering the questions below:

              Why did you create it? What inspired you? Why do you love this piece?

View Image B, which is at the end of this page. It’s a sample layout of the description sections

  • Always click on “Enable Product stock management”. This allows you to type in the quantity of paintings you have in stock and whether you want to allow backorders (this means that when it’s out of stock; “Do not allow” is when no one will be able to order the painting; “allow but notify customer” is when you allow customers to add the order to cart but notify them it’s out of stock; “allow” is when you allow customers to order the product when it’s out of stock, meaning there will be a backorder. 

View Image C, which is at the end of this page. It’s a sample stock management  layout  for a painting that has only 1 in stock

o Pricing Strategy

Below is a pricing strategy to use in determining the price of your art piece

    • Basic pricing strategy:
            • Set an acceptable hourly rate
            • Multiply this by the hours spent creating an artwork
            • Factor in the costs for materials
            • Consider the Market:

While it is important to price your artworks on their own merit, it is also very important to consider what’s going on in the world of art around you:

  • Consider how other artworks that are similar to yours by artists who have experienced similar success
  • Compare your art in terms of size, style, medium
  • While it is easy to focus in on your area of the art market, don’t make that focus too narrow – be aware of how others are pricing their artworks, even if they bear no resemblance to yours. Knowledge such as this is an indicator of the direction that the broader art market may be going.
  • Think objectively about your art and where it lies in the grand scheme of things. But think objectively – perhaps invite somebody who knows your work, but isn’t family, or your harshest critic for that matter. You are looking for an objective valuation.
    • Limited editions:
      • Setting prices for editions is not much different to the strategy above:
      • Take the above basic pricing strategy and add value for additional considerations for the entire edition e.g. how much does it cost to produce an entire edition of 50 prints? And how many hours do you spend doing this?
      • Then divide this total by the number of editions to get a price per unit
      • Keep in mind that all editions should ideally sell out!

o   Other factors to consider:

  • Exhibiting success and other accomplishments in the art world
  • How long you have been selling for
  • Further costs, including commission charges and gallery guidelines, need also to be taken into account.
  • If you find yourself consistently selling the majority of your output over an extended period of time, you should consider upping your hourly rate, or applying a 10% increase to your existing prices.
  • Can you justify the price? Can you break it down and explain it to another person? If not, it might make sense to review your pricing.

Delivery and Shipping rules and guidelines

  • Local deliveries (Ghana) will be handled by the artist. Artist will in addition to the 80% of the original value of each art work sold, receive the delivery fee which the customer paid. All deliveries must be fulfilled within 72 hours.
    • Contact clients for delivery arrangements
    • Do NOT accept or SOLICITE funds from clients when delivering art pieces
  • International deliveries will be handled by our shipping partners, DHL. Artist will have to send painting(s) to DHL office Accra and make sure DHL packages the artworks correctly before you leave the DHL premises.
    • Email with the tracking number and delivery information immediately after receiving the information from the DHL representative at their office
    • Add the tracking number to the order details and include this tracking site URL to the tracking details on your order. You will see the section for you to input this when your go to orders on your dashboard and click on the eye icon beside the specific order. The section to input the details will be at the bottom right part looking like this

Image B: Description layout image
Image C: Stock management layout image