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Anuwai Arts Verification Forms

Exclusive Terms and Conditions:

The following are a set of terms and conditions pertaining to the commission and pricing arenot to be disclosed to any party. To accept these terms and conditions, print your full name andthe date you agreed to these terms in the section at the end.

These are the following terms:

  • Anuwai Art will add a 20% commission to the value of each artwork which will be borneby the customer. This 20% is to cover Anuwai Arts operational expenses. For example, ifyou price an art work for USD 100, the site will automatically increase the price by 20%,so when published, the work will show a price of USD 120.
  • Artist will receive 80% of the original value of each art work sold. Meaning Anuwai arts will take out a 20% fee off the original value of the art work sold. For example, if you originally priced an art work for USD 100, and it gets sold, you will receive 80% of the original value which is USD 80. The original value being USD 100.
  • Anuwai Arts will like to market Artworks being sold on our platform on our social media accounts in order to market your creativity to the rest of the world. Each post will be randomly posted and will include the following:
    • Artist name
    • Description of artist painting up for sale
    • Cost of painting
    • A link to the painting on Anuwai Arts
  • Local deliveries (Ghana) will be handled by artist. Artist will in addition to the 80% of theoriginal value of each art work sold, receive the delivery fee which the customer paid. All deliveries must be fulfilled within 72 hours.
  • International deliveries will be handled by our shipping partners, DHL. Artist will have to send painting(s) to DHL office Accra and make sure DHL packages the artworks correctly before you leave the DHL premises.

By inserting your name and date, you’ve agreed to the above terms and conditions. We'll review your application and send you a response within 72 hours.